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Projecting our forests into the future


Permanent Staff

The MSN has permanent staff who are in charge of the different investigation units and provide technical support to its members.

Guillermo Trincado


Cristian Higuera

Database management

Luis Letelier     

Forest Biometrics

Carlos Valenzuela

Forest Biometrics

Christian Loayza

Computer Systems

The permanent staff of the MNS also has the technical support of academic associate researchers from our partner universities for developing specific research projects. The integration of undergraduate and graduate students is also continuously promoted.

Associate Researchers

Rosa Alzamora

Forest Economics and Forest Management.

UdeC UdeC

Elvis Gavilán

Numerical Analysis.

UdeC UdeC

Marco Contreras

Planning of forestry operations.

Uach Uach

John Gajardo


Uach Uach